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Friday, September 6, 2013

G-20 Endorses G-20/OECD Principles on Long-Term Investment Financing

On September 6, 2013, G-20 Leaders endorsed an OECD-launched initiative to encourage the flow of institutional investment towards longer-term assets, such as infrastructure and renewable energy projects, in order to strengthen the global economy.

Global Value Chains Report Launched for G-20 Meeting

On August 6, 2013 the OECD, the WTO and UNCTAD launched their joint report entitled Implications of Global Value Chains for Trade, Investment, Development and Jobs.

The report was prepared for this week's G-20 Leaders summit in Saint Petersburg at the request of G-20 leaders at their Los Cabos Summit in June 2012.

Value chains have become a dominant feature of the world economy, involving countries at all levels of development, from the poorest to the most advanced. The production of goods and services is increasingly carried out wherever the necessary skills and materials are available at competitive cost and quality. This growing fragmentation of production across borders has important implications for trade and investment patterns and policies and offers new prospects for growth, development and jobs. 

Highlights of the report: