Tuesday, April 23, 2013

U.S.-China Manufacturing Symposium to be Held in the United States

The first U.S.-China Manufacturing Symposium will be held in November in the United States.  The event, co-sponsored by the Asian Manufacturing Association (AMA) and SoZo Group, follows a collaborative effort between the two organizations at AMA’s 6th annual conference in Beijing last December, during which SoZo delivered Live Dialog sessions between the Chinese delegates and U.S. Congress (video). SoZo also produced two highly successful Alabama China Partnership Symposiums - focused on bridging the business and culture gap in recruiting Chinese investment in the U.S.

The Alabama China Partnership Symposium is an innovative, high-energy forum organized by SoZo Group in 2012. The Partnership held two symposiums, both in the quaint but historical community of Monroeville, Alabama. The events promoted American-Chinese political and commercial exchanges designed to facilitate both increased trade opportunities as well as direct investment from China to the U.S. Both events received rave reviews and international media coverage in North America, Asia, and Europe. The U.S.-China Manufacturing Symposium is a natural continuation from the Alabama China Partnership Symposium.

Leverage from lessons learned from last year’s Symposiums, the Manufacturing Symposium will be another ground breaking initiative to explore mutually beneficial opportunities. Conference sessions will focus on the nuts and bolts of how international manufacturers make investments in the U.S. and how the American communities attract investments from China, in addition to the latest advance in manufacturing and best practices.

Potential participants can show interest and start receiving conference update by going to www.sozonet.com and www.zhizaoye.net.

U.S.-China relation is the most important bilateral relation in the 21st Century. Strengthening the people-to-people exchanges between the two countries, especially in the manufacturing area, will create long lasting ties and positive impact for both countries.

Both countries’ manufacturing industries are undergoing structural adjustment in face of global economic crisis. China is focusing on accelerating industrial upgrading and promoting new industrialization, while the U.S. is emphasizing on restructuring its high-tech industry and occupying a leading position in global advanced manufacturing. In this regard, the manufacturing sections of China and the U.S. are complementary. This makes is a very interesting dialog.

Several cities are bidding for hosting the U.S.-China Manufacturing Symposium.  The hosts will announce a site selection in June in Washington DC.  

Raymond Cheng, CEO of SoZo Group and a frequent speaker on the subject of U.S.-China relationship and Chinese outbound FDI, says, many states, especially in the American South, are actively recruiting Chinese manufacturing enterprises to visit and make investments. He also said the views about Chinese enterprises from the Americans are changing. “In some ways, the two countries’ manufacturing sectors are complementary,” said Cheng. “We see a growing opportunity for the two countries, to work together to resolve challenges and for the next phase of global economic growth.”

Jun Luo, CEO of the Asian Manufacturing Association, says that a good relationship between China and the U.S. is a blessing to the world. “With so many misunderstandings between these two countries, our organization hopes to serve as a catalyst to bring business and government decision makers together to build relationships and explore mutually beneficial opportunities,” said Luo.

Making references to comments by U.S. President Obama regarding a renaissance in American manufacturing, Luo said that he would be pleased to see more American governmental delegations come to visit China. “The exchange between these two countries is vital. The cooperation between these two giant economies will be helpful for an early recovery of the world economy. Manufacturers in China want to learn about the advances in American manufacturing, and hopefully we can contribute knowledge on making products for the Chinese markets and some of the sectors we are really good at. We want both sides to benefit.”

Asian Manufacturing Association is an authoritative think tank and chamber of commerce for Chinese manufacturing industry. Located in Beijing, It promotes dialogues among the manufacturing industries of China, Asia and the world. The Association had held six Annual Conferences -- the Asian Manufacturing Forum -- and four Annual Conferences of China Manufacturing Forum, which were attended by more than 4,000 enterprise leaders, economists, universities leaders and government officers. Members of the association include the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China Aerospace Science and Industrial Corporation, Baosteel Group and Shougang Group.

SoZo Group is an investment advisory and economic development company focusing on sustainable development. Located in the U.S. and Hong Kong, It is passionate about creating jobs. SoZo Group served as the lead consultant for China’s Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group Inc. on its project to build their first U.S. plant in United States; that plant is currently under construction in Alabama. The project is one of the largest greenfield investments ever from China to the U.S. SoZo Group is also the brainchild behind two successful Alabama China Partnership Symposiums which attracted nearly 300 Chinese entrepreneurs from China.

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  1. The organizers of this event have not told us when and where it will be held, but discreet Googling reveals that it will be in Dothan, Alabama on an unspecified date in November 2013.

  2. According to Sozo's most recent Facebook posts, the symposium will be held in Dothan on 10-12 November and it looks like there may also be side events at Thomasville and Monroeville (all three towns are in Alabama).

  3. Some limited information on the symposium is available on the Sozo website (www.sozonet.com), which is occasionally updated.

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