Sunday, March 24, 2013

Follow @GrowingCapacity on Twitter

There isn't room on this blog to include all the many useful and interesting articles and movies on investment for development and related topics produced by other people.
Doing so would take for ever and make the blog difficult to navigate.
Instead, I put links to them into tweets several times a day.
If you want to be sure of seeing these tweets, just follow @GrowingCapacity on Twitter.
That way you can be sure of not missing many items you might otherwise overlook.

Some of the items are short and snappy, others are whole essays or book chapters.
@GrowingCapacity tweets alert you to new reports and conferences.
They also let you know when a new post is added to this blog.
Clicking on the #hashtags gives you access to related material from @GrowingCapacity and from other tweeters.
You can do this whether you are a seasoned Twitter user or whether this is the first time you have visited

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